Joy of Science Experiments

by Jimmie Lanley on November 23, 2009

This is probably the main reason I love doing science experiments with Sprite:

density experiment

Look at that face. The wonder, the joy of discovery. This is hardly work. This is science play!

So although it’s sometimes a hassle to find the supplies, set it all up, and then clean up afterwards, it’s so worth it.

Not all experiments are so glamorous. Here is one where Sprite built a simple scale and measured the weights of various objects.

making scale06 recording results from scale

density fun

dropper, oil, and food coloringBut this one about density and miscibility was very, very impressive! In fact, Sprite asked if she could duplicate it for fun. This is the second time she did it.

[Visit At Home Science for more details about the experiment.]

The yellow is water. The blue is rubbing alcohol, and the bubbles are oil. Nothing mixed up. It was fascinating, and I admit, we both stared at if for many minutes. Sprite injected more and more oil into the bubble to see how big she could make it. It was mesmerizing.

Then I let Sprite play around, devising her own experiments, “I wonder what happens if I ….”

I love that kind of scientific play. I suppose I should use the word “experimentation” versus play. But what’s the difference, really? She’s enjoying interacting hands-on with the concepts we’re studying in her chemistry curriculum.

I was very impressed when Sprite used the word viscous in talking about pancake syrup a couple of days after an experiment. For Sprite, the activities really cement the ideas. So they are worth the preparation and clean up.

I’ve already bought a steel file in preparation for our rocks and minerals study. Can’t wait for that one.

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