Math Poetry

by Jimmie Lanley on January 19, 2010

A Challenge was issued by Math Mama to write a math poem, one that showed math in a positive light.  That fits in perfectly with our living math studies and our poetry studies. So here are our attempts at math poetry.

Untitled, by Sprite

Dividing is divine,

And four plus five is nine.

Adding is just fine,

Four plus five is nine.

Negative and positive are always great.

But four plus six is is not eight.

Metric System Limerick, by Jimmie

Sprite was a girl quite content

to use metric measurement.

Celcius, liters,

kilograms, meters,

She used them a hundred percent.

Living Math Limerick, by Jimmie

I once thought that math was a bore;

Arithmetic gross to the core.

My textbook I tossed;

To tests said, “Get lost!”

And now I like math more and more.

Try your hand at some math poetry and share it over at Math Mama’s challenge.

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