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by Jimmie Lanley on January 16, 2010

poetry mobile FRONT

Poetry Mobile Front

Let’s just start with the grand finale! As a recap of all we’d learned over several weeks of poetry study, Sprite made a poetic devices mobile. This is an idea we adapted from a lesson in Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

At the top is the object Sprite chose to describe — her cat Maxie. Hanging down from Maxie are various examples of poetic language. She had the clever idea of using cat shapes from Cat Coloring Pages to write her poetic devices on. (Just print them 2 per page for a smaller size.)

poetry mobile  BACK

Poetry Mobile Back

You can see that one side has the type of figurative language and the other side has her example.

Maxie goes “grrrrr” at strangers.  / Onomotopeia

Maxie has the minimum skills to be a cat.  /  Pun

We used some lessons from LLATL to study poetry, but the bulk of our material was something I wrote myself. That unit study for poetry is available at Homeschool Share, and even though it’s been over there for a long time, we only recently completed it ourselves.

It is based on The Random House Book of Poetry for Children (click to read a full review) and goes through several poetic devices such as personification, alliteration, imagery, etc.

Here are Sprite’s use of personification and her notes on the same topic.

personification practice poetry personification

Here are photos of two of the free notebooking pages you can download over at Homeschool Share. The graphics are especially designed to match the poems to be copied.

poetry page poetry poem copied

SmallWorld's WordSmitheryWant more poetry links?

I’ve got a lens about poetry in homeschool.

And for more creative writing ideas, including poetic language, visit WordSmithery over at SmallWorld.

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