Beethoven Composer Study

by Jimmie Lanley on March 25, 2010

beethoven composer study

Our latest composer is Beethoven. Sprite deems him a likable child prodigy (different from Mozart). In the past, I’d always read these Opal Wheeler biographies aloud. But they really are easy reads for a fifth grader. So I turned the book over to her this time. (Even though I sort of missed reading it together.)

beethoven notebookingShe chose some of the illustrations to print from the accompanying  CD. And using those drawings plus the composer pages from Notebooking Pages, she created several pages of written and illustrated narration.

Of course, we are periodically listening to some Beethoven CDs to surround ourselves with his music. (You can’t have composer study without the music!)

What made me happiest was that she kept going to the copier/printer and making copies of Beethoven’s music. She said she wanted to try to play the pieces!

At her last piano lesson, she took some of the pieces (and the hymn we are studying) and asked her teacher for help. (I can’t play any instruments or read music, and so I’m absolutely no help at all.) I was so pleased that the teacher was receptive to this kind of request and welcomed Sprite to bring in music she finds interesting.

beethoven musicOne piece she liked was called Anger Over a Lost Penny. Isn’t that hilarious? I guess if I wrote music I could name pieces things like

Frustration Over so Many Burned Out Light Bulbs (We’re in one of those phases.)

Forgetting to Defrost the Meat


Let’s Just Spend All Day at the River.

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