River Rocks

by Jimmie Lanley on March 20, 2010

Sprite and I have a new hobby.

river rocks23

river rocks25

river rocks21

We are amassing a collection of river rocks. We spend hours on the shores of the river, washing rocks and evaluating their charms — an interesting shape, beautiful colors, a smooth texture.

Then we look through them one more time to make sure they are worth carrying all the way up the bank and back home.

When we get home, we wash them properly, allow them to dry and spray them with clear paint to make them look just like they look when wet. It’s such a simple hobby. We feel like we’re finding treasures for free on the ground. You just never know what the next rock will look like. It’s actually a popular hobby where we live, here along the Yangtze River. Some rocks are quite amazing and sell for equally amazing prices. Of course, we don’t look to get rich except in enjoying God’s creation among the river rocks.
river rocks14 river rocks15

We both think that it’s a true gift to be able to get so much joy from such an ordinary thing — a rock.

river rocks13

This rock below is one of my favorites. This spotted texture is called “grape stone” in Chinese. They are somewhat rare and rock collectors love them.

river rocks01

We are trying to come up with ways to display our rocks so we can enjoy them frequently. Here is one idea:

river rocks candle

If you have other rock display ideas, please let me know. We are starting to get quite a collection.

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