World War 2 Lapbook

by Jimmie Lanley on April 26, 2010

ww2 book stack

We have finished another period of history — WW2.  I admit that I learned a lot myself about this monumental war.  Here are the primary resources we used for this (four to five week) unit:

WW2 Books

World War II for Kids

I ditched the Winter Promise reading schedule and instead used this book as our WW2 spine. (I really like all the books in this series.)

Hoodwinked: Deception and Resistance (Outwitting the Enemy: Stories from World War II)

I chose select stories from this book.

Story of World War 2 (Dover coloring book)

WW2 Videos

Diary of Anne Frank

WW2 Historical Fiction

Journey to America (read aloud)

Don’t You Know There’s a War On? (Sprite read alone)

Snow Treasure (read aloud)

WW2 Audio

The Music of WW2 This is a fabulous site that has authentic songs from the time period — ballads, Big Band music, political songs, etc. So much fun!

ww2 lapbook coverI asked Sprite if she’d rather do a lapbook or notebook for WW2, and she chose a lapbook. It’s been quite some time since we’ve made one, actually, so I was rather glad she’s not outgrown them altogether. (Not that I think lapbooks are only for young children, but it seems that she was getting tired of them.)

For the lapbook base, we did something different. We used two very large manila envelopes to make a book with pages and pockets. I got the idea here. (I made my own tutorial which will be posted at Heart of the Matter later.) This envelope base is perfect for a lapbooking-notebooking combo since you can slide notebooking pages into the pockets.

Inside — first spread

ww2 lapbook inside

Inside — second spread (see the flaps for the pockets?)
ww2 lapbook inside2

Inside — third spread
ww2 lapbook inside 3

WW2 Minibooks

Here is a list of the minibooks Sprite created. I listed the links we used for graphics or for study where applicable. For the most part, each book represents a summary of the day’s lesson. In some cases, we pulled a specific detail out of the reading to focus on, for example the Thompson gun.

1.  German U-boats trifold
german uboats trifold1

2.  Fascist Leaders accordion book
fascist rulers accordion2

3.  Start of WW2 four-sixths book
ww2 begins four sixths book3

4.  The Battle of Britain accordion book

battle of britain accordion1

5.  The Fight for the Suez Canal accordion book
fight suez canal accordion1

6. Operation Barbarossa special fold
operation barbarosa2

7. Pearl Harbor is Bombed pentagon special fold

pearl harbor pentagon special fold3

8. Japanese Internment Camps matchbook
japanese internment camps matchbook1

9. Rosie the Riveter single fold

Rosie Riveter simple fold1

10. The Big Three single fold
the big three2

11. Thompson Sub-machine Gun single fold with four corner book inside
machine gun single fold2
(Sprite’s choice of one WW2 weapon)

12. Holocaust pentagon special fold
holocaust pentagon special fold3
This was a mini geometry lesson as Sprite worked on the six pointed Star of David.

(This was a hard topic, needless to say, and I didn’t require Spite to write about it. It disturbed her too much. Instead, she cut out text from a worksheet linked below.

  • There are some powerful black and white photographs in this PDF. (I ended up not showing them to Sprite. The reading was hard enough.)
  • Remembrance Poster

13.  Pacific Victories accordion book
ww2 lapbook (36)

WW2 Notebooking Pages

ww2 lapbook pockets1

I really liked this visual literacy PDF. Each page has either a political cartoon or a photograph to analyze and learn from. We used several pages from it as notebooking sheets to add to the pockets of the lapbook.

We used a WW2 map of Europe from our Knowledge Quest Maps CD.

We also added the poem If We Must Die by Claude McKay, which was read by Winston Churchill to inspire people during WW2.

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