Symmetry Sketches

by Jimmie Lanley on September 2, 2010

One of the sketching tasks in Drawing With Children is to complete the other half of a symmetrical drawing. Mona Brookes calls this mirror imaging, and she includes some of these activities in her warm-ups (see page 67).

wolf symmetry Sprite

As surprising as it may be, the Remembering God’s Awesome Acts curriculum includes several drawing activities. (I need to blog about this amazing book. I love it.)

lantern symmetry lantern symmetry from book

We did a lantern symmetry project from that resource, and then moved on to the wolf which I got from Art Projects for Kids.  (That site says it’s a grade three activity, but of course anyone of any age can use it. I did! Mine is below.)

I thought that the activity was a fabulous practice for both symmetry and for shading, so I created some more of these types of images.

  1. Kitten
  2. Pig (finish left side)
  3. Pig (finish right side)
  4. Taj Mahal (finish right side)
  5. Taj Mahal (finish left side)
  6. Chinese temple (finish right side)

Help yourself! Here is Sprite’s pig sketch.

sprite's pig symmetry

Here are my symmetry sketches.

wolf symmetry minemy pig symmetry

A related activity is the Vase/Faces sketch at Betty Edward’s website. She is the author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I’m not sure how this can be, but I happened upon the book in txt or pdf format for free at Scribd. Although I have a copy of this book, I plan to put the PDF on my Kindle for reading while on the go.

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