Middle School Goal Setting

by Jimmie Lanley on April 15, 2011

I’m looking towards wrapping up sixth grade. With weekly planner pages and yearly calendars in front of me, I sketched out some direction for the next few months so that we can take all of July off. Of course, those plans are in pencil. But I always feel more prepared to have plans rather than wing it day to day.

middle school goals (2)

I am constantly amazed at how easily I can lose sight of my big homeschool goals in planning the day to day lessons. When I look at my goals for Sprite’s middle school years, I realize how much time I have her spend on things that really don’t directly relate to these goals. They may be wonderful learning activities, but they are not necessarily working to get us where I know she needs to be by the end of eighth grade.

Knowing that middle school is preparation for high school which is preparation for college, here are what I want Sprite to master during her middle school years:

  • note taking
  • using reference tools
  • paragraph and essay writing
  • report writing (research)
  • basic literary analysis with elements of fiction
  • developing algebraic thinking
  • learning independently– learning from reading texts silently alone or from doing activities and experiments; managing time and meeting deadlines
  • developing character and spiritual maturity
  • identifying personal passions and strengths

Now my job is to keep those goals at the front of my mind each week as I select her assignments and each day as we carry them out. To help me, I’ve printed these goals and added them to my mom notebook. I will probably revisit and edit these goals in the next two years. But they are going to serve as a rudder for me as I wrap up sixth grade and make choices for seventh.

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