Living Math with Miss Creativity

by Jimmie Lanley on May 27, 2011

math notebooking
Why “Piranhas eat mostly decayed antelope skin?” Because “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally” is just not good enough for the non-conformist, creative child.

She must create her own mnemonic device.

No matter how odd it may be.

On the math front, we are still using Teaching Textbooks (TT) math. Sprite wrapped up level 5 and moved directly into level 6 which is already ¼th complete. (No, we are not “behind.” We are moving at Sprite’s pace.)

We have just finished Unit 2 of lessons, most recently reading about the invention of decimals, John Napier, Order of Operations, and the googol. We do the computer math (TT) and the math history lessons side by side, and I’ll continue that pattern for next year (7th grade).

The combination makes for a very well-rounded math curriculum, one in which a very creative child can find room for expression.

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