How Pinterest can Ruin Your Homeschool

by Jimmie Lanley on February 21, 2012

Pinterest is great fun, but beware. It can ruin your homeschool.

I don’t mean that you may spend too much time repinning instead of planning and teaching lessons although that could happen.

I mean something else, something that is probably more likely.

Too Many Choices = Paralysis

Pinterest is a visual overload of exponential creativity. All those brilliant ideas can be paralyzing for a homeschool mom. They are all so cute, so perfect, so educational, so “pinnable.” As you are busy repinning and categorizing those brilliant ideas, you can begin to doubt your own homeschool.

We never do creative activities.

I never think of fun projects like these, and when I see them it’s too late.

I don’t know where to start. Which of these should I do?

You may begin to compare yourself to other moms, somehow forgetting that you are seeing excerpts from millions of blog posts from thousands of bloggers over many years. It’s not like every one of those crafts was completed by a single household in a single academic year. But it’s easy to forget the reality when you are looking at a neatly organized Pinterest board.

You can start to feel craft paralysis, lesson plan overload, activity indecision.

You may begin frantically pinning in an effort to keep from missing all these great ideas.

Here’s the Reality

Even if you plan a semester long unit study, you are not going to be able to do all the incredible science or geography activities you have pinned. And if you do accomplish them all, you will be exhausted and burned out.

If you do only one or two of those three dozen activity ideas on that Pinterest board, it will still be a fantastic unit study.

If you miss another dozen relevant printables and activities after the unit study is over, it’s okay. It really does not lessen your curriculum. Let it go. Pin them “just in case” if it makes you feel good.

But realize that you cannot do it all. There is an infinite number of homeschool ideas and materials. You cannot pin them all, and you can’t do all the ones you pin.

So go enjoy Pinterest. Get inspired. Collect loads of ideas and categorize them well. But refuse the doubts that creep in which make you feel inadequate or that paralyze you with the need to make “perfect” lesson plan decisions.

I’d love to know your thoughts about Pinterest. Does it cause doubts or overload? Leave a comment.

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