Orchestra Lapbook

by Jimmie Lanley on October 18, 2007

We’re doing a quick overview of music history by studying one composer each week. We still have a few more composer mini-books to add. It’s not a Charlotte Mason composer study because it’s far too fast, but it’s a great introduction that this musically illiterate mom really needs for planning more in depth composer studies for the future.

Music Lapbook

I plan to use the Opal Wheeler biographies of famous composers along with recordings of their music. AND….I’m so thrilled! I just landed a complete, used Beautiful Feet History of Classical Music unit study for half price! I’ll just pick and choose from it as we do a CM styled composer study. (My favorite used book sources are Vegsource and Homeschool Classifieds. ) The BF resources are wonderful! There is enough in this curriculum to cover you for a long time of composer studies.

I’ve accumulated many links and online resources at Squidoo lens:  Classical Music Unit Study or Lapbook.

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