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Hey! I’m so happy to see you here. I’m Jimmie, a work at home mom who homeschools my only child, a creative teenager. But I’m not a militant homeschooler, so if you don’t homeschool or if you stopped homeschooling, you are still very welcome here.

In fact, my years of homeschooling are drawing to a close now that my daughter is in high school, so this site will be slowly shifting away from a homeschool emphasis into other things I’ll have more time for such as cooking and craft tutorials. Soon I’ll be an empty-nester and a veteran homeschool mom and my Collage will naturally reflect that transition.


Here are some of the topics I’ve written the most about here on Jimmie’s Collage.

Notebooking Lapbooking Teaching Writing in Your Homeschool
Homeschooling Middle School Homeschooling High School Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
Narration Charlotte Mason Q & A Artist Study
Composer Study Nature Study Living Math

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