Free Thanksgiving History Audio Book and Some Good News

November 18, 2013

Disclosure: Yep! I get to talk about GHC again. I’m such a nut about the conventions that they entered into a formal agreement with me where I get to gush about them, and they give me some kickbacks in the form of free tickets and some moolah (all of which will be poured right into […]

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How a Homeschool Blog Changes

November 13, 2013

I began my blogging journey as a homeschool blogger. And despite a few posts about cooking or sewing and a healthy dose of China posts, I’ve been consistent with the niche. But when I chose my domain, I chose Jimmie’s Collage precisely because I knew one day I would no longer be homeschooling. I didn’t want […]

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Ninth Grade Homeschool First Term Check-in: Curriculum

October 25, 2013

Emma has completed the first nine weeks term of her ninth grade year, and this is a report on our curriculum choices thus far. We have made a huge leap from a living books, Charlotte Mason styled homeschool to a more traditional textbook and tests approach. Another change is my involvement in Emma’s studies. In the past, […]

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Join Me In Cincinnati and Let’s Eat Chili

October 10, 2013

This post contains affiliate links for GHC. I’m a huge fan, so we decided to funnel my excitement into a more formal arrangement where I share about their conference each month. So GHC is a sponsor of this blog, but I talk about them because I love that convention! And chili. I love chili. I’ve […]

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Socialization During the High School Years

September 12, 2013

So you make it through the first eight years of homeschool virtually unscathed and then high school happens. Then the socialization question reappears in some very odd forms. Now the questions aren’t about learning how to stand in line, wait your turn, and play nicely. Instead, the conversations center around dating, the prom, and even […]

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$10 OCC Challenge

August 28, 2013

The Samaritan’s Purse Bloggers are issuing a $10 challenge to all moms. While you’re cruising the back to school discounts, think ahead and shop for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. What better time than now to stock up on things like pencils and notepads? Will you commit to devoting just $10 of your back-to-school shopping for your Operation Christmas […]

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Constitution Unit Study Freebie

August 19, 2013

Constitution book and study guide freebie   My favorite convention, Great Homeschool Conventions, has partnered with the National Center for Life and Liberty to bring us all a wonderful freebie: Understanding the Constitution:  Ten Things Every Citizen Should Know About the Supreme Law of the Land. This offer includes both the book and study guide. What a great possibility for […]

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How to Work and Homeschool

August 15, 2013

The number of comments on my post about on being a work-at-home homeschool mom showed me that I am not alone in this category! There are many moms who successfully homeschool while working. Pamela Price who blogs at Red, White & Grew is one of them. We have known each other online for a few years now and chatted about the […]

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Three Challenges to Successful Time Management for Homeschool Parents

August 13, 2013

  I have had very few guest posts on my blog, but when my friend Pamela Price offered to write about time management, I jumped at the chance. What homeschool mom doesn’t struggle with having too little time for all that the day demands or all that we would like to accomplish? Secretly hoping to […]

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Homeschooling Bundle

July 29, 2013

All three of my ebooks are included in this this week’s bundle at Bundle of the Week. This drastically discounted bundle is packed full of digital resources for homeschoolers, including seven ebooks (PDF) listed below. With your $7.40 purchase, you’ll get tips for developing curriculum and teaching specific subjects, printables for you and your students, and […]

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