World War 1 Notebook or Lapbook

by Jimmie Lanley on January 28, 2010

ww1 timelineAnother period of history is complete; this time it’s World War 1.

We used the Eyewitness WW1 book as our main resource, and I pulled a few chapters from True Stories of the First World War. The stories were not as good as I’d hoped. They had more of a textbook style than narrative style. Some of the stories dragged on and on… like the war, I guess. I had planned to read all of the book, but because of the style, I picked the best, most engaging stories instead.

WW1 mapwork on lineFor notebooking, we used quite a few pages from the History Scribe Combo I bought way back here. (I’m so getting my money’s worth out of that purchase.)

I found some fabulous printable resources at The site is a tad difficult to navigate, so I’m going to give you two links to get you started: WW1 Worksheets and Grade 9 WW1 Worksheets. Don’t let the grade 9 scare you. I found several things that were prefect for 5th grade Sprite. The map on the right is an example of what is offered there, all in PDF.

WW1 ntoebooking4And has some wonderful WW1 maps. I’m a firm believer in having a map handy during history studies (as well as other subjects). Otherwise, it’s so hard to visualize what you’re studying. The Eyewitness WW1 book is good, but it is really lacking in maps, in my opinion. We referred time and time again to the Western Front map glued onto the blue notebooking page to the left.

The PBS site was helpful in this regard too since it has some interactive diagrams showing battles and the frontlines.
Some more notebooking pages:

ww1 notebook ww1 notebook
ww1 notebook ww1 notebook
As it turned out, my initial plans to create a lapbook changed. So although I found these neat printables, we didn’t even use them. I’ll add them here for YOU!

Free Printable Templates

  1. Free templates for minibooks related to WW1 and WW2.
  2. Templates for WWI- German Aircraft minibooks.
  3. Free sample from A Journey Through Learning –shutterfold minibook template including the two sides that fought in WW1.

And here are thumbnails of some additional websites that looked very promising:


Worksheets - World war one

A WW1 Lapbook (Canadian perspective)

WWI Lapbook

A Map of Europe during WW1

WW1 map

Art of WW1

Art of the First World War (1914-18)

My blog will be a tad quiet for the next week or so. All is well. Be blessed.

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