Middle School Egypt Study

by Jimmie Lanley on November 29, 2010

egypt notebook cover
We covered Ancient Egypt way back in first grade, and now we’re revisiting it in sixth grade, using Beautiful Feet ancients as our base.





Books that Bombed

Mummy (Eyewitness Books) (DK Eyewitness Books) This one gets very gruesome towards the end. Sprite didn’t like the pictures. So I put this back on the shelf.

Tales of Ancient Egypt Sprite and I both disliked this book. We read a chapter or two before I decided we had more meaningful books to read. Yuck.

Books Postponed

Mara, Daughter of the Nile This one is sure to be great. The author is one of our favorites. But since I want to wrap up this time period, I’m putting this novel on the shelf of reserve books.


Potato Stamp Heiroglyph Cartouches

tut sculpture finished

Sculpting Tut


Sprite put all of the notebooking pages and minibooks created during this study into a bound book made from manila envelopes. She also used the Ancient Egypt pages from our art calendar to spruce up her project pages.

organizing egypt project

She spread everything out and organized it for her finished project which is a lapbooking-notebooking hybrid.

This is the first inside spread.

egypt notebook inside 1

The best part about the bound book made from manila envelopes is that you can put notebooking pages into the pockets.

egypt notebook 1 pocket

The second inside spread.

egypt notebook inside 2

Third inside spread. We used three manila envelopes for the base.

egypt notebook inside 3

Fourth inside spread.

egypt notebook inside 4

This is Sprite’s monthly writing assignment. She wrote an essay on significant animals in ancient Egyptian culture.

egypt essay inside 5

You can see the envelope flap to the right (photo above). Inside that pocket are more notebooking pages (shown below).

egypt notebook pages

Next stop is ancient Greece.

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