10 Best Online Games for Homeschool Language Arts

by Jimmie Lanley on September 26, 2011

When my daughter was in third and fourth grade, sometimes I would let her use online games as part of her homeschool lessons. She was always excited about using the computer, so these games helped with motivation and attitude.

If your language arts lessons  could use some variety, try these online games that teach language arts through interactive fun.

These types of games are great

  • as practice after a lesson
  • as review of a previous lesson
  • as a reward for finishing an assignment quickly or well

Of course you should preview each game before allowing your child to play it. And whenever possible, sit alongside your child as he plays so you can make the most of the teaching opportunity. Enjoy!

Write A Goofy Story

Mad-libs style game in three versions.

For all grades.

Silly Sentence Machine

A fun introduction to sentence building. Select a subject, a verb, a descriptive word, a noun, and a prepositional phrase. The game will read the sentence outloud to you.

For grades K-3.

Grammar Ninja

Throw ninja stars at the part of speech indicated. (This game has music that cannot be turned off. Be warned.) Three levels of difficulty:

  • Level One — nouns and verbs
  • Level Two — nouns, verbs, pronouns, articles, adverbs, adjectives
  • Level Three — all parts of speech
For grades 3-6.

Primary Games

Dozens of word games of all types: typing, spelling, general word play, vocabulary.
For grades K-6.

Word Girl Synonym Toast

In this Scholastic game, find the words with similar meanings as they drop.

Around 3rd to 4th grade level.

Into the Book

Lessons about eight reading comprehension strategies.

For grades K-4.

Grammar Practice Park

Parts of speech games by Harcourt Publishers.

For grades 3, 4, and 5.

Game Classroom

Dozens of games in all areas of language arts — reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary.

For grades K-6.

Maggie’s Earth Adventures

Five grammar games from Scholastic: prefixes and suffixes, grammar, mechanics & punctuation, word endings, and homophones.

For grades 3-6.

Academic Skill Builders

(Find language arts along the horizontal subject list.) Games focus on spelling, parts of speech, and vocabulary.

For grades 3-6.

Enjoy playing, and share your favorites here in the comments.


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