Thirteen Ways to Reuse a Page-a-Day Art Calendar

by Jimmie Lanley on October 17, 2011

13 Ways to Reuse a Page-a-Day Art Calendar
It’s sort of ridiculous how often I’ve mentioned the Metropolitan¬†page a day art calendar on this blog. (Here, here, here, and here.) But I’m crazy about it. I’ve already received my 2012 edition, and it’s packed away on the shelf, awaiting the new year.

That daily dose of beauty helps us keep our momentum with artist studies. Every day brings a chance to review periods of history with the visual reminder of the calendar pages.

Right now we are in the best part of the year as far as the art calendar is concerned. Each page of the calendar holds two dates — one on the front for the first half of the year and another on the back for the second half. That means that every day from July 1 on brings another page that is finished and can be used for art projects.

The only difficult part is choosing which one of the beautiful works of art to use? Front or back?

Here is a list of all the ways you could reuse the pages from a page a day art calendar in your homeschool. They aren’t just art ideas but span language arts and history as well.

  • choose two pieces to compare and contrast
  • tell the story you see in the art
  • use descriptive language to describe what you see in the art
  • arrange (a select group of) the art in chronological order like a timeline (don’t peek at the dates)
  • illustrate history notebooking pages
  • decorate a bedroom or homeschool area
  • make artist study files for future use
  • sort¬†(a select group of) art into artistic styles
  • sort (a select group of) art by artist
  • add the art to your art notebook
  • let the art inspire a haiku, limerick, acrostic, or other poem
  • make your own board games or flashcards
  • use the art for modpodge projects or for note cards
Many of these ideas will also work with wall calendars, but the page a day calendar has hundreds of pictures to choose from (versus just twelve), all in a convenient size.

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