The Beauty of Homebound Homeschool

by Jimmie Lanley on November 5, 2012

Recovery without the Stress of School

Through this process of surgery, I have encountered the beauty of homeschooling again and again.

  • The doctor’s nurse asks if we need a note for missing school.
  • Our doctor asks about school obligations.
  • An education specialist at the hospital asks about getting behind on schoolwork.

I can brush them off with two words —  “We homeschool.”

No need for notes explaining where we are or what is about to happen. No need for a tutor or a specialist to help.

Just “homeschool.”

On one hand it’s incredibly freeing. We are not bound by attendance rules or course outline of the public schools.

On the other hand it’s a huge burden. All the decision making lies on my shoulders.

  • When should we resume school?
  • How much should I require her to do during recovery?
  • How quickly or slowly should we ease back into lessons?
  • Should I throw out the things we missed during this phase or try to cram them in later?

But isn’t that where it always was? The task of educating my child is my job whether we are homebound or not.

I’m choosing to focus on the beauty of the freedom instead of the burden of the responsibility.

During week three post-op, a friend asked me “How much school are you getting done?”

And I boldly answered, “Oh, we haven’t done any school since surgery. Emma’s job right now is to recover.”

No guilt. No second guessing. Just enjoying her freedom to recover without the pressure of hurrying her healing or completing make up assignments.  This is yet another facet of the beauty of homeschooling.


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