Christmas Gifts That Make a Homeschool Mom Happy

by Jimmie Lanley on December 10, 2013

Christmas Gifts That Make a Homeschool Mom Happy

No sweaters. No scarves. No socks. Please, no.

(Unless you are my mom. Because it’s a tradition for my mom to give me socks. So I’d better get socks, Mom.)

What does a homeschool mom really want for Christmas? What will make her smile all year long?

Most homeschool moms deeply desire to do an excellent job teaching their children. And although they like thoughtful, personal gifts, when those gifts can double as practical tools through the year, they are super excited. Homeschooling takes up a lot of our day, and we don’t mind getting gifts that help us do it better. It is important to us!

A Pretty and Functional Calendar or Command Station

Every mom has her own quirks when it comes to planning and organizing. So check her Pinterest boards to see what she seems to like. Does she want a chalkboard/bulletin board area in the kitchen where she can write family notes and tack up reminders? Or is she more of the slap it in a notebook and put it in a drawer type? Find out what would help her organize her day more efficiently, and make it happen for her. Gift certificates to or might be the safest way for mom to get what she wants.

An Organized Work Area

Most homeschool moms would love a schoolroom or at least a dedicated area for learning and for storing all of the books and school supplies. An area just for her to plan, research, and take notes would be an added plus. You might think a desk, bookshelf, or floor lamp are boring gifts. But a homeschool mom loves to create a perfect learning environment, and she would appreciate these ways to feather her nest. Check out the ideas here. If big things are out of the question, look at desk organizers, craft storage, and coordinating baskets. You can’t be too organized.

Tools of the Trade

Homeschooling can be done simply and cheaply. But there are extras that can make the experience more enjoyable.

  • a laminator
  • a binding machine
  • a guillotine paper cutter
  • a tablet for ebooks and researching

Stocking stuffers she will love:

  • Sharpie markers in all colors
  • fun post it notes of all sizes and colors
  • a timer
  • a quality headset so she can enjoy iHomeschol Hangouts, podcasts, and online webinars

Tickets to a Great Homeschool Convention

(This section contains affiliate links to GHC.)

For me, I’d love to go to GHC as a girls weekend, but some moms would prefer a family vacation centered around a homeschool convention. Either way, getting away from the dishes and laundry and getting recharged with inspiring speakers (Ben Carson!) and hilarious comedy is a great way to boost a homeschool mom’s spirits. I always come home from the GHC with renewed vision for homeschooling and being a better mom. Best case scenario: give her a chunk of money to spend in the curriculum vendor hall. This is money well invested as it builds up mom, kids, and the entire family.

You might think that GHC is way too far away for buying tickets as a Christmas gift. After all, the South Carolina convention is March 20-22, the Ohio convention is April 24-26, and the California one is June 12-14. But that’s not true, and here’s why. Research shows that the anticipation of an upcoming vacation or trip actually provides more happiness than the trip itself! Isn’t that amazing? We love having something to look forward to and plan. So it’s not too soon to buy GHC tickets. In fact, the sooner you get them, the longer you have the benefit of anticipating and the happiness that comes from it. Plus ticket prices are going up a tad on January 2.


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Eddie - The Usual Mayhem December 10, 2013 at 1:08 pm

Great ideas! I’d also add an undisturbed afternoon (or several!) to herself so she can catch up on her backlog of marking, blogging and article reading.


Ticia December 11, 2013 at 9:59 pm

Oh my binding machine. It gets so much use, you would not believe how often I use it.


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