Art Printables

Jacob Lawrence Notebooking Pages - Pages in a portrait layout that include both color images and blank space for your own art.
Audubon Notebooking Pages - Seven notebooking pages featuring both a young and old John James Audubon plus the peewee flycatcher.
Cassatt Notebooking Page - A single notebooking page, landscape orientation, with three Cassatt black and white coloring page images on top and a small thumbnail of the artist in the lower right corner.
Frida Kahlo Notebooking Pages - A set of several different styles, landscape and portrait, with full color images.
Frida Kahlo Quote Cursive Copywork - A quote by Kahlo written in cursive to be copied.
Museum Questions - Things to consider before going to an art museum.
Picasso Minibook - Petal books with full color Picasso thumbnails to choose from.
Picasso Notebooking Pages - Five black and white Picasso pages.
Seurat Notebooking Page - A single notebooking page with an image of Seurat and a black and white version of his most famous painting -- A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Toulouse-Lautrec Notebook Page - A single notebooking page with an image of the artist plus Jane Avril poster in outline.
Vermeer Notebooking Pages - Landscape orientation; includes The Geographer and The Milkmaid -- choose from full color images or outlines to color in.
Vermeer Notebooking Pages - Portrait orientation; seven pages featuring The Geographer and The Milkmaid plus Vermeer's signature.
Artist Study Record of Art Studied (Art Log) - An art log for recording which works of art you studied for a 6 weeks or 9 weeks term. Also includes pages for taking notes and pasting on small images.

Writing Printables

Sentence Patterns EBook - This is the text of my Sentence Patterns lens in a convenient PDF format.
Sentence Patterns Poster - A mini poster with the five basic sentence patterns. This includes the terms simple, compound, and complex sentences.
FANBOYS Coordinating Conjunctions Poster - A colorful mnemonic to help you remember the coordinating conjunctions.
Subordinating Conjunctions - A one page list of many subordinating conjunctions. This is a handy reference for writing complex sentences.

Shakespeare Printables

Shakespeare Notebooking Pages - A set of 4 notebooking pages and one cover sheet.
Globe Minibook - A three-fourths book with William Shakespeare inside and The Globe Theater on the cover. Color the black and white drawing of The Globe and fill in facts inside.
Shakespeare Presents Drawing Page - The stage of The Globe. Fill in the characters from the play you read.
Shakespeare Presents Minibook - A single fold minibook with a drawing of The Globe's stage. Draw in the characters yourself and fill in information inside.
Shakespeare Shutterfold - A minibook with five shutterfold flaps -- one on top (Shakespeare's name, image, and years of his life) and two on each side (poetry, histories, comedies, tragedies). Fill it in with lists or descriptions.
Shakespeare Timeline - Eight events related to Shakespeare. Print the Word file, fill in the dates, and attach the figures into an accordion book. (For best results with the tiny images, print on high quality setting.)

Science Printables

Atoms Notebooking Page - Three versions each with an atom diagram.
Galileo Galilei Notebooking Pages - Three different pages.
Humphrey Davy Notebooking & Cursive Copywork Pages - One notebooking page and two cursive quotations to copy.
Marie Curie Notebooking Pages - Six pages, each featuring Marie Curie's black and white photograph.
Michael Faraday Notebooking Pages - A single notebooking page with black and white image of the scientist.
Newton's Laws of Motion Minibook - A 4 window book featuring Issac Newton and his three laws of motion.
Planet Orbits - Print the Planet Cut-outs and stick on this page. (Best when copied onto large paper.)

Math Printables

Arithmetic poem by Carl Sandburg - The text of Carl Sandburg's poem plus lines for your own notes and room for a drawing.
Fibonacci Notebooking Pages - Various layouts with Fibonacci and the Golden Rectangles. Some pages have a map of Italy.
Positive and Negative Numbers Notebooking Page - A landscape page with a thermometer and a number line to represent positive and negative numbers.
Arabic Numbers Notebooking Pages - This is meant to go with chapter 4 of Number Stories of Long Ago (public domain). Record the history of Arabic Numerals on these pages.
Pi Notebooking Pages - Five black and white pages featuring mathematical PI.
Eratosthenes Notebooking Pages - Especially made for the book The Librarian Who Measured the Earth.

Language Arts Printables

Postcard Template - Make your own postcard with this blank template. Good narration activity.
Reader's Response Cut-outs - Shapes with reader's response prompts. These can be used for a minioffice. Read blog entry here.
Elements of Fiction Poster - A single page with all of the elements of fiction in a vegetable soup theme: C - Carrot/Character P - Pepper/Plot S - Salt/Setting T - Tomato/Theme P - Potato/Point of View C - Corn/ Conflict
Elements of Fiction Banners - Six banners, three per page, with a vegetable soup theme: C - Carrot/Character P - Pepper/Plot S - Salt/Setting T - Tomato/Theme P - Potato/Point of View C - Corn/ Conflict
Elements of Fiction Complete Set - Includes both the banners and poster as well as minibooks/flashcards, notebooking pages, and notetaking pages.

General Printables

General Notebooking Pages Set - Nineteen basic notebooking pages without any text or graphics, suitable for any topic.
Narration Starters - Cards with various questions to prompt a narration.
Through the Bible in a Year - A checklist of the entire Bible divided into 365 portions.

History Printables

Theodore Roosevelt Notebooking and Cursive Copywork Pages - A total of four quotes by Teddy Roosevelt and two notebooking pages, one featuring the Rough Riders.
State Notebooking Pages LTR - A two page template used in a 50 States Notebook.
State Notebooking Page A4 - The same but in A4 size.
Constitution and Bill of Rights Notebooking Page - Includes color images of the Constitution.

Music Printables

Verdi Notebooking Pages - Ten notebooking pages featuring three different black and white illustrations of the composer.
Hymn Study Notebooking Pages - Twenty-seven different pages including the meaning and etymology of the word hymn, Bible verses about hymns, vocabulary in a hymn, copywork pages, and more.

Nature Printables

Queen Anne's Lace Notebooking Page - A single page with a full color photograph of Queen Anne's Lace (plant). Landscape orientation.
Ants Notebooking Page - Two pages with illustrations of ants. Room for writing and drawing the inside chambers of an anthill.

Nature Study Planning Pages (for mom)

At Homeschool Share

Pirate Diary Unit Study with Lapbook

Poetry Study with Notebooking Pages

If You Lived With the Iroquois Lapbook

The Courage of Sarah Noble Unit Study with Lapbook

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Kim May 26, 2009 at 9:20 am

Thanks for making and sharing the Iroquois lapbook—-we are planning to use it in our studies this year. (I’m off to check out your Sarah Noble unit next.) Thank you for all you share in various places online!


Evelyn Saenz October 15, 2009 at 3:34 am

I love the Iroquois Lapbook. I wish I had know about Lapbooks when my children were younger.

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So many freebies! Thanks for sharing them.


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I just added a link from Alphabet Coloring Printables under the Learning Resources section.


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I was searching for notebooking pages for Galileo to use in our current homeschool lessons and my search ended here! Wow, I knew you offered notebooking pages, but I really had no idea you shared so many. This is just wonderful, I may never have to search again. Thanks so much! betty jo


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