10 Favorite Websites for Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

by Jimmie Lanley on May 22, 2012

This post is part of the iHomeschool Network’s 10 in 10 link up. Today’s topic is top 10 websites. I’m going to narrow that down and list ten of my favorite websites for Charlotte Mason homeschooling.

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I know that when someone is starting out with CM homeschool, it is hard to weed through all the online resources to find the most helpful sites. Some are too general. Others are too abstract. Here are my top ten choices of sites that offer a perfect mix of specific and practical helps.

1. Simply Charlotte Mason

SCM has a free forum, many helpful articles, free eBooks,  plus retail curriculum and helps.

2. Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

The CM carnival is run by Amy at Fisher International Academy. Her blog is a worthwhile resource in itself. But the carnival will point you to the blogs of other homeschool moms who use CM methods.

3. Barb’s Handbook of Nature Study

Barb’s nature study blog makes regular appearances in the carnival, but it truly deserves its own slot on this list. Her free resources and tips make incorporating nature study an easy and joyous task.

4. Artist Study

This comprehensive guide tells you how to do a CM styled artist study and links to hundreds of resources to aid you along that path.

5. Composer Study

This webpage is a music companion to the art page linked above. It offers an overview of how to begin CM composer study and sets you on the way with dozens of practical links and suggestions.

6. Shakespeare for Children

Most literary allusions in English literature come from just three books: the Bible, Shakespeare, and Greek mythology. CM encouraged the study of all of them, of course. Here is a guide for introducing Shakespeare to children before they have been prejudiced into thinking it’s boring or complex.

7. Main Lesson; Homeschool Commons; Heritage History

I’m cheating here to place three links together, but these are three top sources of public domain books. The eBooks at Heritage History are not free as they are at the other two, but the easy to read formatting makes them worth the small price for individual titles.

8. Ambleside Online

AO is a wealth of CM helps. Don’t let the plain Jane website fool you. The true riches are found in the content — entire schedules for each year of study, the actual text of Charlotte Mason’s Home Education, and many articles.

9.  Charlotte Mason Help

Very practical articles by LindaFay, a homeschool mom who is a champion of CM principles.

10. Penny Gardner’s Charlotte Mason site

Although this site is a bit dated in its appearance, the quality of the content makes it worth squinting your eyes for. (To increase font size, hold down Ctrl and scroll the wheel on your mouse.)

Even if you’ve been a CM educator for a long while, it’s still good to review from time to time and check to see if you’ve fallen off the CM wagon. These ten sites are a perfect place to find renewed inspiration to continue your homeschool journey with Miss Mason.

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